Urban Farming Workshops

Growing healthier people, healthier schools and healthier cities

Good to China brings farming to the city and offers workshops with activities geared towards teaching adults and kids about growing food, recycling and sustainability. Choose from the following workshops:

Start your own urban farm
Hydroponic growing systems
Create a composter
Soil and Soil Dwellers

Workshops take place at our studio or a nearby urban farm. Participants will get the opportunity to prepare a rooftop garden or field, plant seeds or harvest vegetables.

Studies have shown that urban farming workshops not only create an excellent learning environment but offer numerous benefits including:

Participant Benefits
Hands-on learning
Healthier eating habits
Positive well-being, physical and mental
Decision-making and team-building skills
Positive character development
Creative outlet

Green City Benefits
Cleaner urban air
Greener environment
Lower urban summer heat
Less pollution run-off