Sustainable Design Development

Through communication, graphic and package design, GoodtoChina is creating the new face of food. Current values associated with food are that it should be cheap and convenient with very little respect for the farmers who grow it. At GoodtoChina, we want to change this perception and revalue our food and where it comes from.

Sustainable packaging is the face of new food values. Marketing food that is local, sustainable and healthy means that the packaging needs to reflect these values. From how and where it is grown to the materials used in marketing, we consider the entire lifecycle of a product in our designs. For example, packaging often means waste. At GoodtoChina we work to minimize waste, reduce the materials involved in packaging, and reduce transport costs. All of this equates to a locally grown product, with minimal packaging and a design that gives the food and the grower the respect they deserve.

We believe that by developing brands that remind consumers of the value of food, its effect on your health and the people who bring it to your table, we are appealing to a growing sector of society who want to buy sustainably grown and produced products. If your company has a food product that you would like to develop into a marketable eco-product, please contact us.

To see examples of sustainable packaging, click here.

Presentation given by GoodtoChina founder Susan Evans at the Organic Trade Union Conference in Chengdu, November 17-18, 2011.

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