Hydroponic Solutions

Together with our partners at Xinchejian, GoodtoChina is developing innovative urban farming techniques that can help provide food for escalating urban populations. One such technique is hydro or aquaponic growing systems. These do not use any soil; plants are grown using a nutrient spray solution or nutrient-enriched water. Hydroponic farming provides several important advantages in China’s urban environments, and we believe that it will be part of the future farming landscape. Whereas regular farming requires soil, which can be heavy and sometimes not suitable for rooftops or balconies, hydroponic farming requires just a minimum amount of water. It’s an efficient technique that keeps the water in the system and often uses a pump to circulate the water. Optimally, it’s a no waste system and, unlike traditional farming, there is no overuse of fertilizer and no pesticides used. Best of all, if you have sun you can grow vegetables all year round!

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