EDF talks series: Create Clean Air Day

Join us with experts on pollution issues and solutions on April 12 9:30-16:45@1035 Changle Road, 3F, Shanghai??????1035?3? With Pollution levels hitting record levels and urban environments reaching non – sustainable levels. China’s Air is the key, quality of life factor to determine choice of city for work and life. This is causing crisis management in […]

Shanghai Organic Farmers Market @ The Eco Design Fair

It’s time to free ourselves of China’s food safety worries and the best way to do that is to support the local organic farmers who value both our health and the environment. At the Eco Design Fair on April 13th and 14th GoodtoChina has invited 8 local organic farmers to participate in an organic farmers […]

The Sustainable Space at the Eco Design Fair

The Sustainable Healthy Space Exhibit at the Eco Design Fair will emulate a contemporary and healthy living space. How about replacing your toxic cleansers with non-toxic alternatives? Or better insulating your home to save on energy costs? With a Femina cafe, Cocomat furniture and various green technology workshops such as office recycling systems and a farmers […]

Design Thinking Workshop at The Eco Design Fair

The Design Thinking Workshop is to inspire social entrepreneurs to use a design thinking approach to develop innovative ideas for  business development. To create a business vision based on the needs of consumers as well as the opportunities and constraints in the market. During this process participants will participate in fast prototypeing solutions based on their research, […]

Chefs Corner at the Eco Design Fair 2013

The first step to living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle is adapting what you eat and how you eat it. That is why this year GoodtoChina is presenting you with The Chef’s Corner, a series of cooking demonstrations that will show adults and children alike how to be a conscious cook. Whether you want to eat healthy to save […]

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