Sustainable Shanghai. The Market.

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20131123_112306 20131123_112242 20131123_112152 20131123_111746We are very excited to have launched Sustainable Shanghai. The Market. on November 23rd at M Town, Hongqiao metro station. We will be continuing monthly markets starting in February so we were happy to have kicked this last one off with a bang!

Healthy living is a concern for many people in China, so Sustainable Shanghai. The Market. offers a solution; a combination of an organic and natural food market, as well as an environmentally friendly goods market for those who are able to opt for a wholesome lifestyle.

SHOP our wide selection of local, organic, and safe foods: cooked and raw. The best of Shanghai’s eco designers will also be joining us with selling environmentally conscious products of all sorts. EAT at our Chef’s Corner, where local Shanghai chefs demonstrate how to use these seasonal ingredients to make a creative meal. This event is for the entire family, and children will be able to bake cookies at the Kid’s Corner.

Most importantly, we want our event to support rural, sustainable farmers by connecting them to urban lifestyles. We promote clarity in farming practices, reduction in travel distance of fresh and quality produce from farm to the table, and access to quality vegetables and products. We expect that our farmers use safe and environmentally conscious methods to grow delicious food; non-GM vegetables are cultivated on uncontaminated land and they don’t use any chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or growth hormones. Our farmers actively promote “grow local”, “buy local” as well as organic, environmental & social practices. Our hope is to spread awareness about the wealth of organic farming benefits, food safety issues, and further conversations about food systems in Shanghai.

?????Sustainable Shanghai. The Market. was held at M Town located on Huaihai West
?Road and Hongqiao road, Hongqiao Road Station (line 3/4, 10). It is a fashion
?commercial street, influenced by Shanghai culture and European architecture.


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