Sustainable Design Challenges

GoodtoChina facilitates Sustainable Design Challenges which involve research and design opportunities for tomorrow’s leaders and culminate in group presentations of their findings and ideas. We take design challenges that originate from an urban need, as identified by social research and market demands, and bring those products or systems closer to market. The aim is to get participants thinking about sustainable solutions and have them experience the process of working through a real social and business challenge.

“Healthy homes in Chinese urban environments”
A design challenge led by GoodtoChina and IDEO with MBA/MA/final year students of Tongqi University (Aalto design factory) & Politecnico di Milano exploring sustainable solutions for the Chinese urban home.   

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“Exploring and developing sustainable solutions for Eco foods: Farm to consumer”
A design challenge led by GoodtoChina and Enno Hyttrek with third year students of Raffles Design Institute exploring the opportunities and challenges of Ecofoods.