See You at the Farmers Market!

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Farmers Market

The crisis of rapid environmental degradation, a disconnect between communities and their food production network, and the lack of accessible opportunities for people to become agents of positive sustainable change are social problems that Shanghai residents face on a daily basis. Shanghai’s local organic farming community is a vulnerable group in this rapidly modernizing metropolis.  Around the world, farmers markets are becoming the new “town squares”, places for city dwellers to not only enjoy healthy foods but to exchange ideas about how to move our cities forward in clean, sustainable, healthy ways.

GoodtoChina is hosting several farmers markets in Shanghai, the first being April 13th and 14th in conjunction with the Eco Design Fair. The markets are the first of its kind in Shanghai and will create awareness of the benefits of organic farming, address safety issues, provide high quality vegetables and products, and most importantly connect rural farmers with urban lifestyles. Organic farmers of the Shanghai Organic Farmers Market (such as BIOFarm, Eco Dreamland, The Mahota, and Eco Land Club) and food vendors at the market are part of GoodtoChina’s handpicked collective of local organic farmers that practice environmentally responsible and conscious farming.

Join us for the market at the Eco Design Fair on Saturday, April 13th, from 10am-6pm and on Sunday, April 14th, from 10am-4pm. The April 27th market will be from 2pm-10pm at Cool Docks with the regular monthly market beginning in May.  There will be wide selections of local organic and safe foods: cooked and raw. GoodtoChina’s Farmers Market is a great way to spend the weekend: enjoying fresh air, the interesting market, wine and food with your family, friends and pets! Start the day with yummy organic crepes, organic food, and music.  Do your grocery shopping, enjoy a tasty meal, sign up for an organic box delivery service, and converse with the farmers and your Shanghai neighbors.

Designers and local Shanghai farms will show off their art, handcrafts, eco-products, organic food, etc. to both local Shanghai customers and city visitors. You can also check out GoodtoChina’s planter boxes and pick up Kid’s Activity Books and Eco Green Maps.  Eco Green Maps enable Shanghai visitors and residents to find the most progressive and innovative sustainable eco spots in Shanghai.  The map includes eco products, sustainable design, buildings and enterprise, organic food, healthy dining, and more.

GoodtoChina realizes that only a small portion of Shanghai residents show concern for where their food is sourced. Recent surveys show that only 5% of Shanghai residents are concerned about food safety.  That being said, those concerned tend to be the leaders and everyday change makers who choose healthy, natural products that fit into their contemporary lifestyle. They value the opportunity to know where their food comes from and who is responsible for its process and nurturing.  Hosting farmers markets will spark important discussions about food in the city and the percentage of people who care about their food in Shanghai will increase.  So invite your neighbors, friends, and coworkers to gather for the Farmers Market. You’ll support the local economy, further the conversation about food systems in Shanghai, promote freshness direct from the farm, help reduce food travel miles, and enjoy every minute of it.  See you at the Market!


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