SAS students hands on sustainability learning at SkyfarmShanghai

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On Monday 25th April we welcomed 41 students from SAS International School’s Pudong campus to our Skyfarm at Anken Green.


Despite the light rain all were excited to see how the Skyfarm operates, and of course to get their hands into the soil itself.


A quick tour of the renovated factory building helped them to understand the importance of reducing our environmental impact and the ways that this can be done through clever building design.


On the rooftop itself, the students broke into 3 groups and moved through 3 stations with our Skyfarm educators: Composting, Soil and Planting, and finally Poetry.


At the Composting station, students learned about the food cycle and decomposition, how to make their own compost and what to put in it, and the importance of worms and other detritivores.


Out in the garden, they discussed different soil types and how to identify them, used trowels to mix compost into the existing soil and along the way encountered all the various insects and animals that naturally occur in a garden.


Each student then filled a small pot with the newly mixed soil and planted their choice of lettuce or coriander/cilantro seeds to take away home with them.


Finally, at the poetry station students worked with their teachers to express all that they had seen and how it made them feel.


Judging by the amount of writing we saw, we think the garden made a big impression!


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