Riding the Green Wave into Shanghai: Sustainable Shanghai. The Market.

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IMG_2180This past Saturday, November 23rd crowds of curious shoppers converged on MTown for Sustainable Shanghai. The Market. launched by Good to China and Eco Design Fair,  local environmental organizations in Shanghai. Over the past decade, it’s clear that people have grown increasingly concerned with environmentalism and aware of the impact we have on the planet. As a result, there’s been a great push for ordinary people to effect change by changing their own personal lifestyles. Shanghai is a city that’s just beginning to experience this green wave, but as a result its citizens face many challenges. Good to China and their partners worked to establish the market as a way address these problems, promoting awareness among Shanghai residents about the benefits of living eco conscious lifestyles and connecting consumers with environmentally sustainable businesses in Shanghai.


Visitors to the market on Saturday were greeted with a variety of events and displays. Shoppers looking to buy food for the coming week took their pick of the wide selection of local, organic produce on display by Shanghai farmers. The farmer’s were delighted to answer any questions the visitors had about the food available: non-GM vegetables cultivated on uncontaminated land without the use of any chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or growth hormones. Many visitors said they came away with a feeling of having learned more about food safety, buying local and sustainable farming.

The hungry flocked to Chef’s Corner- hosted by local chefs who demonstrated how to make various delicious, healthy dishes from fresh ingredients. Visitors enjoyed apple, lettuce, pineapple smoothies provided by Vitamix, carrot soup and a spinach garlic sauté cooked by Sprout Lifestyle, tasted coffee from Cambio coffee brewed from hand ground coffee beans and enjoyed a delicious pumpkin soup with caramelized onions and salty spinach cakes made by talented chef, Francesca.

IMG_2185 Food wasn’t the only thing available at the Market- there was a good balance between farmers and eco designers. Curious shoppers browsed through the products made by these talented entrepreneurs with environmental sustainability top in mind. The Squirrelz brought messenger bags designed out of overstock nurse scrubs. Kastro Grove provided olive oils and soaps and other vendors sold jams. Parents at the market with their children went to Kids Corner where the kids spent an enjoyable half hour baking cookies. The event was a success and a step towards increasing environmental awareness in Shanghai. The visitors included both foreign and Chinese but the majority were Chinese, who had never experienced a farmer’s market before and had many questions for the designers, farmers and chefs. The market will hopefully spur more events like it in the future as more people become interested in green issues.



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