Eco Local Market at Andaz Hotel Plaza

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Sustainable Shanghai – The Market
June 21, 11am – 6pm
Andaz Xintiandi, 88 Songshan Road, Shanghai
Enter Courtyard from Huangpi Nan Road and Taicang Road

Eco-local_andaz flyer_140604

We are very excited to launch Sustainable Shanghai – The Market on June 21, 2014 from 11am to 6pm at the courtyard of the Andaz Hotel. This new market connects the people of Shanghai to companies, brands, and farmers who support sustainable business practices.
Healthy living is a concern for many people in China, so Sustainable Shanghai – The Market is offering a solution; there will be the Shanghai farmer’s market with local and organic produce, environmentally-conscious brands and designers, Andaz executive chef and other foodies to prepare delicious locally sourced seasonal dishes, with nutrition tips and samples, activities for children, and plenty of opportunities to learn about ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This will attract Shanghai natives and expats alike who share a common interest in safe and sustainable lifestyles.
Andaz is Hyatt’s new collection of contemporary, 5 star boutique-inspired hotels, and the first Andaz in Asia is located in Xintiandi—a landmark entertainment area in the heart of downtown Shanghai. Andaz Xintiandi, Shanghai is a short walk to the Metro (Line 1 South Huangpi Road Station) and the prestigious Huai Hai Zhong Road, one of Shanghai’s premier shopping areas.

Sustainable Shanghai – The Market brought to you by:
GoodtoChina designs solutions for social innovation and sustainability to encourage a paradigm shift from non-sustainable behavior towards sustainable and healthy behavior. We tackle urban sustainability challenges by creating opportunities for change through systems and education tools.

The Eco Design Fair emphasizes eco-responsible design products and designers, and draws national attention to Shanghai’s unique intersection of art, commerce, and sustainability. Started in 2008, the Eco Design Fair is the ?rst such initiative in the city to provide the community the opportunity to network, exchange ideas and be part of a growing eco-conscious movement in Shanghai. Founded by Sherry Poon, key organizers now include Wobabybasics, bambu, FINCH, SHE Advisory, lcdc, GoodtoChina, ARTSpring and M2 Communications.



Critical Mass Bike Ride April 20, 2014-“Ride for clean air to Eco Design Fair”

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Raise awareness of "eco fun transport" and raise money for “Farm in a Box” a nutritious sustainable food source for orphans in residence. ????“????????”?????“Farm in a box”????????????????????? Who: Anyone and everyone who likes to bike and wants to be ‘good to China’
When: 3 rides
We meet at 10.30 am, 11.30 and 12.30, April 20 2014. Please be on time.
Where: The ride starts at Eco Village: ?485 Fenglin Lu, Xuhui District, Shanghai 200031,
ends at Eco Design Fair?Shanghai Gongyi Xintiandi, No.105 West Puyu Rd., 2F Building 10, Huangpu Dist., Shanghai, 200011
Why: Raise awareness of “eco fun transport” and raise money for “Farm in a Box” a nutritious sustainable food source for orphans in residence.

Organizers: Good to China, Eco Design Fair
Media partners: Lohas and Economy
Cost: Free
Give: We will support the “Farm in a Box” project to provide orphans with a sustainable and nutritious food source. We ask that you give what you can to help these great kids and project.

a)best eco message on a bike
b) best bike?
c) most fun dressed individual
d) most creative group
e) most creative family

Prizes include:
A Specialized ladies bike: Myka Elite for the best eco message on a bike
One year Lohas subscription for most fun dressed and best bike
Enzyme Drinks for most creative group
Urban farming starter kit for most creative family

Mika Elite

Myka Elite

Urban transport pollution is an increasing health issue and contributes significantly to global climate change, the biggest environmental challenge of the 21st century. Major cities in China are challenged to manage the escalating numbers of new cars on the road each month. Urban environments require sustainable transport solutions that both reduce pollution (air & noise), support livable environments and promote healthy activities.

Biking is a healthy, non-polluting, trendy and practical option of urban transport that contributes to sustainable, healthy urban environments. Therefore we need local governments and businesses to support the move towards biking centric cities.

Be the change and join this year’s critical mass bike ride on April 20, 2014 .?Get your family, friends and colleagues involved as well to have fun, cycle across the city and raise awareness about pollution and healthy living.

Raising funds for “Farm in a Box” to grow healthy and nutritious food for orphans in residence.
If you would like to contribute then there are different ways to do this:
1.If you have something that is new that you have not used or opened and that you would like to donate, for re-sale, all sales profit will be donated to our Farm in the Box initiative: please bring all donations to the Collection point at Square Grocery, Eco Village at 485 Fenglin RD any time between : 10:00 – 18:00 from now until 20th April. All times will be for sale on the 20th April please come and see what small gift you might like to buy
2.We will have free water bottles at Eco Village donated by Eco and More: these water bottles are free for you to take and we welcome you to do this in addition we encourage you to donate to our charity. We suggest 50 RMB per bottle.
3.There will be food available and a BBQ all profit will be donated to our Farm in a Box Initiative

Critical Mass Bike Ride Team

EDF talks series: Create Clean Air Day

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Join us with experts on pollution issues and solutions on April 12 9:30-16:45@1035 Changle Road, 3F, Shanghai??????1035?3?


With Pollution levels hitting record levels and urban environments reaching non – sustainable levels. China’s Air is the key, quality of life factor to determine choice of city for work and life. This is causing crisis management in many global and national companies in China. Retaining and supporting the well-being of employees at work and students at schools has become a key challenge.

Top employees are refusing to move to cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, due to the poor air quality and unsustainable pollution levels, (China Daily Saturday (010314: top exec study MrCI) good quality interior air is now a must have. To attract the best players then businesses and schools need to offer a comprehensive “well-being” program that starts with the air we breath.

We live it, we breath it, without healthy air our lives grind to a halt, our health is eroded, our energy depleted, our activities marginalized, economies suffer and our environments die. The EDF “create good air’ day is planned s part of our knowledge sharing series prior to the Eco Design Fair on 19th April. Lets find out what the experts say about polluted air and all the essential things we can do to improve our personal air.

Join us on the 12th April to find out what you can do to improve the safety and quality of your interior environments and how to better plan to attract top talent and provide healthy spaces for kids school and at home.

Three areas of discussion:

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 5.37.59 PM

To sign up and for more info go to : or


Grow Your Own Clean Air

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With Pollution levels hitting record levels and urban environments reaching non – sustainable levels. China’s Air is a key challenge for life in China.
In fast developing Asian countries, rates of cardiovascular and pulmonary disease are soaring.
Around the world one in eight deaths are attributed to dirty air, this has doubled in recent years. Those that are most vulnerable include those living in China: where significantly poor air quality in Northern China has been attributed to lower life spans of 5 yrs. This is leading to many economic challenges including those witnessed by global companies who face talent recruitment issues as executives refuse to relocate to these business hubs.

Both Indoor pollutants and outdoor toxic air create problems.

Given that the air we breath is a shared commodity and we share each other’s exhaust, its time to consider how to clean our own air and act in ways to reduce the negative impact on our own health.

How to do this?
As individuals, parents or employers we can start by making healthy choices every day, with the tools we already have. Take public transport, walk and ride when possible.
For inside living and working spaces apply informed decision making to choose materials and furniture to significantly reduce toxic pollutants frequently found in, construction & renovation materials, and furniture; such as formaldehyde, benzene, VOC’s etc.

For daily maintenance of air pollutant reduction there are both mechanical and natural solutions. The former requires frequent filter changes in high pollution zones.
We strongly advise natural plant solutions, that work 24/7 and are proven to clean the air of toxic air pollutants and replenish oxygen to retain alertness.


In addition to their cleaning qualities green plants have positive psychological effects.
So, for interior and exterior spaces explore high-density plant solutions.
Using plants is not only an immediate improvement on local air quality it is also contributes to the air we all share.
Find out more and make a healthy investment to grow your own clean air.
Be a healthy change maker

Perceptions on Behaviors of Sustainability in Shanghai

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We from GoodtoChina would really like your help in filling out this questionnaire! The purpose of this study is to get an insight on the perception and behavior of Shanghai residents toward sustainability. This can really help us, the Chinese and local governments and other companies to become more sustainable and create a better and healthier Shanghai for everyone! The questionnaire will take approximately 5 minutes of your time. Many thanks in advance for filling out the questionnaire!
The G2C Team

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