New Blog – “Shanghai Skyfarms”

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Hello Everyone,

Our new blog “Shanghai Skyfarms” is online!

Here you can read all about latest activities & events on our rooftop farms and learn more about the idea and concept of “Skyfarms”.

Have a look and get inspired 🙂





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FOOD is NOT where it’s needed

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We will present on the 8th June at “Our common Future” conference under the

session “Perceptions of Climate Change” at UPMC, Paris France

Check it out:

Our common future – precursor to COP21

Food production is in crisis Preparing the site and social groups who are already feeling the effects are those that will most likely be hit hardest by the continued effects of climate change. Addressing their needs is often complicated and it’s not necessarily about taking solutions that we already have and applying them in different places and to different social groups. The societies culture, the locations, their current situation’s, the openness to new ways of doing things all play into the ability to respond and implement successful solutions. We have found that a participatory approach – where we understand and work with the local leaders to shape the solution is beneficial. Yet there are many challenges along the way. In our presentation, we will use the case study of “Farm in a box” to take a look at “what’s working” and “how to better plan” project development within rural/urban communities. The project, “Farm in a box”, based just outside the metropolis of Shanghai aims to provide a  food source for “small communities”: who are in need of nutritious food resources. This project works with a small residential school for disabled and orphaned boys, where their food supply is dependent on charity.

Getting to grips with the annual planting calendar

Getting to grips with the annual planting calendar

The project team, in collaboration with the community leaders, designed and implemented a food system that starts to address some of the challenges faced by local communities given the effects of climate change. The project is local, provides a variety of nutritious food, optimizes growth using organic and local resources, and empowers the community to lead the project. The vision for the project is that it can be scaled and applied to many in need communities that have food shortages, such as children in residence, migrants due to man made or natural disasters. The project was inspired by the knowledge that some 40% of rural children in China do not have access to sufficient nutritious food. These children have been found to be stunted as a result of maternal and childhood malnutrition. Under nutrition is devastating. It blunts the intellect, saps the productivity of everyone it touches and perpetuates poverty. Unicef 2009. This situation has recently been highlighted in China as a recent government study into residential schools identified that over the past 10 years these residential children have lacked sufficient food for healthy development. Taking action on under- nutrition is the single most important, cost-effective means of advancing human well being (leading group of economists: The Copenhagen Consensus). These same groups are often the ones most heavily impacted by and vulnerable to climate change. Spring summer 2015 Green house chongming islandThe project uses a participatory methodology and it is the lessons learned from this approach that will be discussed and presented: as navigating between participatory methods and tyranny is an issue that has received much attention within participatory research and community engagement literature. In this case “participatory development” is used with the aim to engage the community in beneficial new ways of doing things and to empower the same community to take responsibility and project leadership. Chongming planting together 2014During the presentation we will discuss future planning that may help to avoid some of the “perceived tyrannical” effects and outcomes and better prepare “project” teams for successful outcomes.

SkyFarm-Roof top Urban Farming in the Centre of Shanghai Plots are now available for 2015

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If you are interested in growing your own vegetables, joining a gardening community, in the centre of shanghai then we would be delighted to hear from you.

You can contact for the application form and more information about participation and process in the community garden.

You can sign up for a One-year subscription,  tools are available, together with the knowledge and the support of a volunteer group. You can check here for some information and details about what we have been doing in past months, and to see the garden.

If you would like to come and check it out for yourself then we are usually up on the rooftop on Saturday mornings. If you are making a special journey then check in with us to ensure someone is there.

We find that its always good to garden with a friend, so check with your friends family to see who would like to also come along. We are looking forward to enlarge our urban gardeners community. So get in contact soon. Spring planting starts now so don’t miss this season. Get on board now… Looking forward to hearing from you!

The Jiashan Skyfarm gardeners.


在我们的网站 上有报名申请表格和详细的活动介绍。

如果你成为我们的一年会员,你将和我们的志愿者团队一起劳作,并接受相关知识的指导。在 上有我们过去几个月辛勤劳作的信息,你可以看到我们美丽的花园的照片。




IMG_2191 IMG_2213IMG_2208

Program:Good to China School Tours

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Good to China 在屋顶花园上组织学校参观活动。这个项目的设计初衷在于鼓励孩子们投入并热爱更健康的环境与生活方式。
我们提供一处屋顶花园开展校园参观活动,以此鼓励学生们倡导健康生活方式,亲身实践城市农耕,共同建设绿色城市。我们将结合场地的一切元素,带领学生们参观一处自我循环可持续运作的建筑,并解释绿色屋顶的好处,通过进行一个城市农耕的小讲堂教给学生们在家也能践行可持续生活方式的方法。为了让同学们能够在课后延续学习、实践并种植自己的食物,在每次行程之后,学生们都会得到Good to China 的“一盆黑金”。学生们可以把含有种子的花盆带回家,走出建设自己小农场的第一步。
关于我们:Good to China 是一个社会企业,为社会革新与可持续发展提供定制的解决方案,从而鼓励塑造从资源浪费型、具有潜在危害的行为转向健康而有生态意识的行为的转变典范。我们建立系统的机制来鼓励并引导人们来帮助完成这些目标。
09:00 到达
09:05 屋顶花园简介
09:15 GoodtoChina 团队的成员之一将带领参观安垦厂房并介绍屋顶花园以及它在可持续实践中的重要作用
09:30 进行小讲堂,包括如何建立自己的城市农场、最好的种植方式、种植何种植物、如何有效利用生态垃圾等
09:40 学习优质土壤的好处。动手混合优质土壤。探索堆肥的生态循环原理。
10:10 给予每一位学生“一盆黑金”,并概述他们在家中如何更环保而健康的生活。
10:40 团体合影
10:45 返程或午餐
我们可以根据学校在时间、讲堂材料等方面的不同需求进行活动订制。更多信息请联系我们,或与我们预约您的参观日期与时间。  价格:100RMB/人,包括“一盆黑金”

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Good to China’s school tours are located on our Sky farm rooftop. This program in designed to engage and encourage kids to participate and appreciate healthier lifestyles and environments.

As a way to engage students on healthier living, urban farming and greener cities, we offer school tours at one of our Sky farms locations. Combining all elements of the location, we tour through a sustainable building, explain the benefits of green roofs and conduct a workshop on urban farming and ways that each student can live more sustainably at home. As a way to continue learning, experimenting and growing their own food, at the end of each tour, students receive Good to China’s Pot of Black Gold. Students can take the seeded pot home and kick-start their own urban farm.

About Us:Good to China is a social enterprise that designs custom solutions for social innovation and sustainability to encourage a paradigm shift from wasteful and potentially harmful behavior towards healthy and conscious behavior. We create systems to engage and educate people to support these goals.

Location: Anken Green
Centrally located in Shanghai’s Jing An District, Anken Green is a renovated mixed-use warehouse that lies adjacent to the Suzhou Creek. Anken Green is committed to the implementation and promotion of energy efficient practices and environmentally sensitive design.

Research project: Quality of Life indicators in Major Chinese cities 中国生活质量调研

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请帮助我们更好地了解如何更有效地倡导支持更好更健康的生活方式 我们非常希望了解您为了达到一个更高质量更健康的生活方式,现在有正在做什么吗?或者需要了解什么? 我们现在设计了一份简单的问卷调查,想要了解一下有关上海可持续发展的问题,希望您能帮助我们填写一下!非常感谢! 随着污染程度不断地刷新纪录,我们的城市生活也越来越不健康。其中,影响着我们日常生活的重要一个问题就是低质量的空气。这个是我们生活质量的决定性因素之一,而且影响着我们对工作生活地点的选择。现在严重污染的空气是政府部门和许多世界领袖的棘手难题。 请帮助我们了解政府和企业们如何可以更好的倡导一个更健康的生活方式,解决一些现有的污染问题,让整个城市的发展可持续! GoodtoChina团队在此对你表示衷心感谢! 这是问卷链接:


Help us to  understand how we can further support better and healthier life qualities in major chinese cities such as Shanghai. With Pollution levels hitting record levels and urban environments reaching non – sustainable levels. One area that is affected by so many of our daily activities is the lack of good Air. This is a key quality of life factor and influences choices on where to work and live. Current health damaging levels are causing crisis management for governments and many of the worlds leading companies. Help us to understand better how governments and city planners can support healthier lifestyles. Thanks in advance from the GoodtoChina team. Go to this link:

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