Grow Your Own Clean Air

Posted on | March 31, 2014 | Comments Off on Grow Your Own Clean Air

With Pollution levels hitting record levels and urban environments reaching non – sustainable levels. China’s Air is a key challenge for life in China.
In fast developing Asian countries, rates of cardiovascular and pulmonary disease are soaring.
Around the world one in eight deaths are attributed to dirty air, this has doubled in recent years. Those that are most vulnerable include those living in China: where significantly poor air quality in Northern China has been attributed to lower life spans of 5 yrs. This is leading to many economic challenges including those witnessed by global companies who face talent recruitment issues as executives refuse to relocate to these business hubs.

Both Indoor pollutants and outdoor toxic air create problems.

Given that the air we breath is a shared commodity and we share each other’s exhaust, its time to consider how to clean our own air and act in ways to reduce the negative impact on our own health.

How to do this?
As individuals, parents or employers we can start by making healthy choices every day, with the tools we already have. Take public transport, walk and ride when possible.
For inside living and working spaces apply informed decision making to choose materials and furniture to significantly reduce toxic pollutants frequently found in, construction & renovation materials, and furniture; such as formaldehyde, benzene, VOC’s etc.

For daily maintenance of air pollutant reduction there are both mechanical and natural solutions. The former requires frequent filter changes in high pollution zones.
We strongly advise natural plant solutions, that work 24/7 and are proven to clean the air of toxic air pollutants and replenish oxygen to retain alertness.


In addition to their cleaning qualities green plants have positive psychological effects.
So, for interior and exterior spaces explore high-density plant solutions.
Using plants is not only an immediate improvement on local air quality it is also contributes to the air we all share.
Find out more and make a healthy investment to grow your own clean air.
Be a healthy change maker


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