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Good to China’s school tours are located on our Sky farm rooftop. This program in designed to engage and encourage kids to participate and appreciate healthier lifestyles and environments.

As a way to engage students on healthier living, urban farming and greener cities, we offer school tours at one of our Sky farms locations. Combining all elements of the location, we tour through a sustainable building, explain the benefits of green roofs and conduct a workshop on urban farming and ways that each student can live more sustainably at home. As a way to continue learning, experimenting and growing their own food, at the end of each tour, students receive Good to China’s Pot of Black Gold. Students can take the seeded pot home and kick-start their own urban farm.

About Us:Good to China is a social enterprise that designs custom solutions for social innovation and sustainability to encourage a paradigm shift from wasteful and potentially harmful behavior towards healthy and conscious behavior. We create systems to engage and educate people to support these goals.

Location: Anken Green
Centrally located in Shanghai’s Jing An District, Anken Green is a renovated mixed-use warehouse that lies adjacent to the Suzhou Creek. Anken Green is committed to the implementation and promotion of energy efficient practices and environmentally sensitive design.


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