EDF talks series: Create Clean Air Day

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Join us with experts on pollution issues and solutions on April 12 9:30-16:45@1035 Changle Road, 3F, Shanghai??????1035?3?


With Pollution levels hitting record levels and urban environments reaching non – sustainable levels. China’s Air is the key, quality of life factor to determine choice of city for work and life. This is causing crisis management in many global and national companies in China. Retaining and supporting the well-being of employees at work and students at schools has become a key challenge.

Top employees are refusing to move to cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, due to the poor air quality and unsustainable pollution levels, (China Daily Saturday (010314: top exec study MrCI) good quality interior air is now a must have. To attract the best players then businesses and schools need to offer a comprehensive “well-being” program that starts with the air we breath.

We live it, we breath it, without healthy air our lives grind to a halt, our health is eroded, our energy depleted, our activities marginalized, economies suffer and our environments die. The EDF “create good air’ day is planned s part of our knowledge sharing series prior to the Eco Design Fair on 19th April. Lets find out what the experts say about polluted air and all the essential things we can do to improve our personal air.

Join us on the 12th April to find out what you can do to improve the safety and quality of your interior environments and how to better plan to attract top talent and provide healthy spaces for kids school and at home.

Three areas of discussion:

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To sign up and for more info go to : goodtochina.com or ecodesignfair.cn



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