Cool Living

Goodtochina’s Cool Living initiative aims to inspire and inform urban residents about sustainable living, providing easy ways to create more comfortable and healthy living environments through household practices. Not only do these practices lead to a higher quality of life but important energy, water, and resource conservation also help reduce living costs.

Chinese cities were traditionally built to enhance social and environmental experiences through community areas. Tea gardens, parks and community buildings enabled residents to meet in public areas to enjoy discussions, dancing, singing, exercise and more. Today’s residential buildings are increasing rapidly yet in many cases with a loss of healthy living. Not only are cities becoming difficult places to live, life is becoming hard, air quality is low, and environmental impact is growing. With 50% of the Chinese population living in city centers and that number expected to grow to 70% by 2035, there is an immediate need to re-think healthy homes in Chinese urban environments.

As China continues to develop and everyday people look to the west as a model for their houses and lifestyles, it is important that we parallel this development with a clear understanding of what it means to have a sustainable carbon footprint in the city. The CoolLiving initiative strives to help urban residents make better, healthier, and more sustainable choices with regards to products, services and the design of their homes.

Cool Living Concepts Part 1 – Insulation and Lighting