Cool Bike

GoodtoChina’s Cool Bike initiative gets us to re-think the bike as a healthy, non-polluting, practical and desirable urban transport option that can become an integral part of sustainable Chinese urban transport systems. Our emphasis is on changing perceptions and our goal is to help create integrated, amenity-supported and better-connected green bike pathway systems within urban environments. We want to enable urban residents to easily and safely get to work or school, run errands or simply enjoy an outdoor riding experience around the city.

Urban transport pollution is an increasing issue and is one of the major contributors to global climate change, the biggest environmental challenge of the 21st century. Major cities in China are challenged to manage the escalating numbers of new cars on the road each month. Urban environments require sustainable transport solutions that reduce pollution (air and noise), support liveable environments and promote healthy activities. The bike is a proven solution for short trip, urban mobility that supports and promotes sustainable, healthy urban environments.

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GoodtoChina is currently looking for interns to help us bringing our bike project a step further! If you are interested, please have a look at the intern profile below and send your application to until 11th October 2015.

Profile intern BFFC
For the BFFC project we are looking for an intern that can assist in accelerating the development of our online tool BFFC (
BFFC is an online tool that enables urban planners, policy-makers and initiative leaders to make an assessment of their city’s urban transport environment. It highlights successes and pitfalls so that the user can explore methods to create a more sustainable urban transport system with the bicycle at its core.

We are looking for 1 or 2 interns that have good writing skills in English and/or Chinese, like to do research and can assist us in finding new sponsoring and funding opportunities (we are looking for creative ideas to get funding or sponsoring).

As an intern you want to work for a social enterprise that is focused on integrating sustainability in our daily lives and you have a great interest for biking. Your tasks will be to assist in researching biking-in-the-city-projects around the world; to search and help apply for funding opportunities; to contribute to marketing research and testing of BFFC; and to assist in developing our online tool (optional). You are available 1 or 2 days per week starting in October 2015 until December 2015.

You think this could be something for you? Then send your resume and motivation to Carmen Vercauteren: Applications are accepted until 11th October 2015.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Examining Trends in Asian Cycling

Commissioned by GoodtoChina and conducted by market research company enoVate, read the following global research projects on biking and urban transport:

A Study of the Changing Face of Cycling in China
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