Perceptions on Behaviors of Sustainability in Shanghai

Hello, We from GoodtoChina would really like your help in filling out this questionnaire! The purpose of this study is to get an insight on the perception and behavior of Shanghai residents toward sustainability. This can really help us, the Chinese and local governments and other companies to become more sustainable and create a better […]

Farmer Interview Series #2 Daofa Ziran: Leaving the city for the countryside

Interview with Daofa Ziran’s Hou Xueying, who quit her job and started a farm in Chongming. Interview by Sun Jingyi. Jingyi is currently a student at NYU Shanghai. Sun: What pushed you to start a farm like yours? Hou: I was working at a company, and so was my husband. The work was stressful and […]

Farmer Interview Series #1 Evolution at Mahota Farms: connecting ends to form the sustainability cycle

Interview with Shao At Mahota Kitchen who is the son of founder and current owner of Mahota Kitchen and Mahota Farms. Interviewed by Sandra Kohn who is a student at NYU Shanghai, and currently intern at GoodtoChina. Interview Date: November 18, 2013 Sandra: What was the inspiration for Mahota Farms? What is the history behind […]

How 01coolbike will transform biking

  This presentation provides an introduction to GoodtoChina and 01coolbike’s goals – to reduce air pollution, make the bicycle an integrated element of future urban transportation, and change perceptions of the bicycle in Shanghai. With the number of cars on the street to triple by 2020, we aim to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions […]

Rising eco-consciousness in Chinese youth

GoodtoChina & enoVate – 01coolbike Research Report Summary Part 1: Key values and quality of life indicators. Commissioned by GoodtoChina and conducted by market research company enoVate, this report uses an online survey, in-depth interviews and immersion activities in Shanghai to understand key values and quality of life indicators for Chinese youth. It found that […]

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