A study of the changing face of cycling in China

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CEIBS – Interconnection of Bicycles with Public Transport in Shanghai Report Summary

This study points to the necessity of government sponsored initiatives to encourage cycling and increase its convenience, using progressive examples as seen in the US and UK where incentive programs make cycling the easy option.

Currently the Chinese government has yet to fully embrace cycling, but the report identifies a variety of grassroots education and awareness projects in Shanghai including GoodtoChina 01coolbike and People’s Bike Shanghai that are dedicated to improving perceptions towards and conditions for the city’s trusty bicycle.

Recently conducted by China European International Business School graduate students in conjunction with GoodtoChina, this study aims to determine the integration of cycling in Shanghai’s transportation system. Through a series of online, telephone and face-to-face interviews as well as examinations of public policy documents, the researchers analyse the accessibility of cycling as a means of transportation in the city, impediments to it, and stakeholder perceptions towards the bicycle. Though cycling is viewed by the public as an environmentally sound and healthy mode of travel, these positive aspects are overshadowed by safety concerns, a lack of convenience in infrastructure, and an enduring stigma against the bicycle as a mark of the working class.

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