AmCham Shanghai’s Earth Day Fair!

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AmCham Shanghai’s Environmental Committee and GoodtoChina invite you to celebrate Earth Day on Friday, April 22 from 14:00-17:00 at the Plaza at Shanghai Centre.

Held every year on April 22, Earth Day is a global movement that advocates environmental awareness and protection. It was first launched in 1970 and is now celebrated in more than 192 countries each year.

GoodtoChina will be presenting our ‘Grow healthier cities membership package’.


AmCham Shanghai’s Earth Day is an opportunity to showcase businesses and organizations that employ technologies, products and services that address China’s environmental challenges. Enjoy the outdoor expo featuring companies and organizations with innovative environmental initiatives, network with like-minded peers, and participate in raffles and games to win environmentally-friendly prizes.

Event Type: Environmental Committee Event
Date: Friday, April 22, 2016, 14:00 to 17:00
Venue: The Plaza @ Shanghai Centre 1376 Nanjing Road West
上海商城户外广场 南京西路1376号
Cost: Member (RMB): 0.00
Non-Member (RMB): 0.00

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Posted on | October 28, 2015 | Comments Off on SCIENCE IN ACTION: CREATING ECO SYSTEMS AND GOOD SOIL FOR GOOD FOOD /  科学在行动:为收获良好的食物创建生态系统以及优质土壤。

Blog from Concordia International School Shanghai
Recent Sky Farm transformation at Concordia International School Shanghai, 16 October 2015



During Earth Science Week 2015, Concordia International School Shanghai transformed their roof top garden into a Sky Farm. Good to China’s Sky Farm team led workshops throughout the day with junior and senior students. Engaging in hands on science as junior and senior science students put science into practice. Students learned about ecosystems, sustainability and were encouraged to pick and support a Sustainable Development Goal (recently released by the UN).

Students set up a series of long-term experiments, checked the suitability of their soil to grow their own nutritious vegetables through a series of experiments such as measuring pH, soil composition, bio diversity and more. They set up a specific area to monitor changes in soil according to different strategies to maintain soil texture and quality over the autumn and winter season. Students then set to work to improve soil content for immediate planting. With teams in place and fabulous names for each working team, students prepared their planting areas and planted the sky farm in teams according to Sky Farms rotational plan for nutritious and sustainable food. Each team will now maintain their personal garden plot and share their bounty with their community as it grows and produces great tasting, locally grown vegetables.

You can find this article also on our Blog “Shanghai Skyfarms“. There we explain also more about the concept of Skyfarms and publish weekly updates of our volunteer activities & events.






New Blog – “Shanghai Skyfarms”

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Hello Everyone,

Our new blog “Shanghai Skyfarms” is online!

Here you can read all about latest activities & events on our rooftop farms and learn more about the idea and concept of “Skyfarms”.

Have a look and get inspired 🙂





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FOOD is NOT where it’s needed

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We will present on the 8th June at “Our common Future” conference under the

session “Perceptions of Climate Change” at UPMC, Paris France

Check it out:

Our common future – precursor to COP21

Food production is in crisis Preparing the site and social groups who are already feeling the effects are those that will most likely be hit hardest by the continued effects of climate change. Addressing their needs is often complicated and it’s not necessarily about taking solutions that we already have and applying them in different places and to different social groups. The societies culture, the locations, their current situation’s, the openness to new ways of doing things all play into the ability to respond and implement successful solutions. We have found that a participatory approach – where we understand and work with the local leaders to shape the solution is beneficial. Yet there are many challenges along the way. In our presentation, we will use the case study of “Farm in a box” to take a look at “what’s working” and “how to better plan” project development within rural/urban communities. The project, “Farm in a box”, based just outside the metropolis of Shanghai aims to provide a  food source for “small communities”: who are in need of nutritious food resources. This project works with a small residential school for disabled and orphaned boys, where their food supply is dependent on charity.

Getting to grips with the annual planting calendar

Getting to grips with the annual planting calendar

The project team, in collaboration with the community leaders, designed and implemented a food system that starts to address some of the challenges faced by local communities given the effects of climate change. The project is local, provides a variety of nutritious food, optimizes growth using organic and local resources, and empowers the community to lead the project. The vision for the project is that it can be scaled and applied to many in need communities that have food shortages, such as children in residence, migrants due to man made or natural disasters. The project was inspired by the knowledge that some 40% of rural children in China do not have access to sufficient nutritious food. These children have been found to be stunted as a result of maternal and childhood malnutrition. Under nutrition is devastating. It blunts the intellect, saps the productivity of everyone it touches and perpetuates poverty. Unicef 2009. This situation has recently been highlighted in China as a recent government study into residential schools identified that over the past 10 years these residential children have lacked sufficient food for healthy development. Taking action on under- nutrition is the single most important, cost-effective means of advancing human well being (leading group of economists: The Copenhagen Consensus). These same groups are often the ones most heavily impacted by and vulnerable to climate change. Spring summer 2015 Green house chongming islandThe project uses a participatory methodology and it is the lessons learned from this approach that will be discussed and presented: as navigating between participatory methods and tyranny is an issue that has received much attention within participatory research and community engagement literature. In this case “participatory development” is used with the aim to engage the community in beneficial new ways of doing things and to empower the same community to take responsibility and project leadership. Chongming planting together 2014During the presentation we will discuss future planning that may help to avoid some of the “perceived tyrannical” effects and outcomes and better prepare “project” teams for successful outcomes.

SkyFarm-Roof top Urban Farming in the Centre of Shanghai Plots are now available for 2015

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If you are interested in growing your own vegetables, joining a gardening community, in the centre of shanghai then we would be delighted to hear from you.

You can contact for the application form and more information about participation and process in the community garden.

You can sign up for a One-year subscription,  tools are available, together with the knowledge and the support of a volunteer group. You can check here for some information and details about what we have been doing in past months, and to see the garden.

If you would like to come and check it out for yourself then we are usually up on the rooftop on Saturday mornings. If you are making a special journey then check in with us to ensure someone is there.

We find that its always good to garden with a friend, so check with your friends family to see who would like to also come along. We are looking forward to enlarge our urban gardeners community. So get in contact soon. Spring planting starts now so don’t miss this season. Get on board now… Looking forward to hearing from you!

The Jiashan Skyfarm gardeners.


在我们的网站 上有报名申请表格和详细的活动介绍。

如果你成为我们的一年会员,你将和我们的志愿者团队一起劳作,并接受相关知识的指导。在 上有我们过去几个月辛勤劳作的信息,你可以看到我们美丽的花园的照片。




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